Friday, February 6, 2009

5.0 Home Version

Much to my previously cool persona's dismay I went ahead and installed TransCAD at home. I'm actually looking forward to doing a little more exploring. I've tried twice to teach myself to write macros only to discover new error messages I've never seen. Maybe having the extra time at home will be enough to get me over the hump.

It's amazing how simple every task seems when talking to Jim or Paul at Caliper and how what they say never seems to work unless they actually walk you through it! :)


sara said...


I have a question. I need to make a presentation about the ability of TransCAD for my company to convince them to buy the license, and i was wondering if you have any example. Thanks.


Don said...

I'd be careful about installing elsewhere. Despite the hardware I know of companies that have been warned about moving installations without permission. If they audit you (which they can do without warning as a term of your licence) they will bill you for any installations they don't know about. Next to Trafficware they have one of the most restrictive licence deals going!