Thursday, August 26, 2010

TransCAD and Adobe

One of the biggest complaints I continue to have about TransCAD is its inability to make ESRI quality maps. For one, the labeling feature is terrible - try placing a regional map and a blow up of an area in one layout. I really don't have time to be dealing with autoscaling either.

But there are two MAJOR issues TransCAD has when it comes to making and distributing top quality maps.

1. No transparency or opacity settings on solid colors. This is such a basic function but no sign of it being added.

2. Compatibility with PDF. Since we can't use transparent colors we are forced to use horrible hash marks and patterns. Apparently this wasn't enough for the geniuses at TransCAD - Those terrible patterns don't show up on PDF's so you end up with a nearly unreadable map with ugly colors.

Come on Caliper - this is kids stuff - get it fixed!

Who is with me?