Friday, February 13, 2009

That little Purple Key

It turns out that the new version of the little purple key that unlocks the program is now a little Black Key. I think I'll leave the "how I know this" out of this post.

Thank God for the kind, understanding folks at Caliper!


nick said...

yes, well, you are still not going to get any "gee whiz, whiz bang, big ass" projects

sara said...


I have a question. I need to make a presentation about the ability of TransCAD, and i was wondering if you have any example. Thanks.


jasmin said...

can u help a doing a project in this software..finding congestion index at link leve...can u help me..i hope u will help..thank u

iraist said...

Hi, I am trying to understand how Transcad works, and really need to learn the macros, somebody can help me please?

Where I should start?